Draft: An Elegant New Sketching App for iPad

Draft is an elegant sketching app designed by 37signals for iPad. Jason Fried explains the backstory on its creation:

When we design interfaces, we start on paper with a really rough sketch (usually with a Sharpie). The low resolution, thick-point sharpie forces us to focus on big picture ideas — the lines — instead of all the little details that just don’t matter yet.

However, when we sketch something on paper, there’s a three step process to share it with the rest of the team. First, we sketch. Then we scan. Then we either email or upload to Campfire. And since we often use huge pieces of paper, scanning is a bit of a hassle. There’s just too much overhead to share a quick sketch.

So when the iPad came out we knew we had to make a very simple sketch app that mimicked our paper and a sharpie process, but improved on the sharing part. That’s where Draft comes in.

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