Down in polls, McGuinty turns to Twitter (via National Post | News)

This will be very interesting to watch. If Twitter and other social media channels are able to measurably impact McGuinty’s bid it will only increase the rate with which other politicians start to take these mediums seriously.

To date, the majority of politicians use social media as a one-way medium, pushing out messages, not engaging. Lets see if this is changes

By Lee Greenberg TORONTO • One year from his third election — and seven from his 2003 entree to power — Dalton McGuinty has turned to Twitter to connect with the people he leads. The Ontario Premier says the social networking tool has opened his eyes to a world of opinion — both good and bad — on his governing style. “I hear from everybody,” he said in an interview. “That’s the great thing: you’re out there, and people give us the straight goods. … Read More

via National Post | News

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