Don’t You Understand, We are at War?

Before you jump to conclusions this post has absolutely nothing to do
with the current military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This
deals with the perception on the part of certain parties that corporate
America is at war. In posts and conversations we hear that the business
world is seeing a shift to a pro-employee basis which is going to lead
to the destruction of our corporate way of life. The protesters across
the country are saying that corporations have forgotten the value of its

Some corporations like Southwest Airlines and Netflix
have understood that there is a better way. It is time, as a matter of
business strategy that we take the example of the Southwest’s of the
world and gain a true partnership within the organization between
management and the employees.  In this day and age, innovation does not
happen from authority and control. It will only happen when we truly
understand that our organizations work as a cross functional team.

do not necessarily want to destroy the business institutions, they want
to be accepted as individuals who can make a vital contribution to the
health and welfare of the organization. They expect in return for this
contribution to be treated fairly. Look at the RSS feed for the EEOC and
see what the complaints are all about. Since August 26, there have been
159 settlements or suits by the EEOC and the vast majority deal with
organizations allowing harassment, retaliation, discharge because
someone filed a complaint. Have you truly taken the time to realize that
if you were as vigorous inn your efforts to control this behavior
compared to some other efforts you put in to the organization this headache would go away?

of fueling the discourse of class welfare, remember we are all citizens
of the same country and organization. War is what we are involved in
today. Collaboration on a honest basis is what we need to be working on
if we want to improve the reputation of our organization in the global
workplace of the 21st century. Develop the true partnership which will
enhance the organization from all aspects. Authority and control is
passe as a management style. Your organization’s need to move on and
generate a coaching environment which respects the talent as the assets
that they are to your company. How you do that is dependent on your individual corporate cultures. If your culture is still dominate and not nourishment then change.

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