Don’t use Twitter

I had yet another person email me asking me to ‘justify’ Twitter. Here is what I wrote.

Dear ‘friend’:

Don’t use Twitter. Just don’t. It’s irrelevant, dull, a time waster, resource hog and overall just plain useless. Here are several things you can’t do on Twitter.

You can’t connect with terrific people from all over the world, from all walks of life. My Twitterstream is an anomaly. HR people, wonderful people in dog rescue, amazing photographers and some cool friends in Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK. Pure happenstance. This won’t happen to you. Don’t bother.

You can’t connect with amazing people in your field, people who want to network and share, collaborate and partner, talk and write. You won’t learn anything about your profession from other practitioners. You probably know everything about your field already. No need here.

I am sure that you have too many friends. No need to make any more.

You don’t need help, and probably don’t want to extend a hand to another. So things like Steve Boese (@sbjet) hosting a Blog Talk radio HR Happy Hour would be a waste. And so would the amazing work of JobAngels and the thousands of people who are helping and being helped find work because of Twitter, useless.

It’s all waste so don’t even try. In fact, I would encourage you stay off of Twitter. Keeps the network faster for us.

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