Does Your Reputation Wow Everyone?

Problem: I was about to run out of business cards. Yet: Everything is going digital. Why bother? (Still, enough people like and want paper cards, so I decide to order more.)

Problem: There’s nothing worse than someone who spent the first half of his career as a designer. I can’t let go of even the tiniest details when it comes to packaging my brand. But the way I’ve been doing it is unnecessarily expensive. Isn’t there a cheaper and maybe even better way?

Solution: Into my inbox pops an Amazon Local coupon for biz-cards from Not only super cheap, but great designs too. Let’s do this!

Wow’d!!! When the cards arrive, what blew me away was more than a great product — (printing was great, everything was exactly what I hoped it would be.) But for the cheap price I paid, my expectations were a bunch of cards jammed into a cheapie box. 

Check out what came. Lovingly wrapped in ribbon, sealed with purple sealing wax (OK, a plastic sealing wax button. Still…) Upon opening it, I’m thinking “Damn, I’m important! Wow, I’m special to these guys!”

Everything about the experience about getting these cards was over-the-top fantastic! And now I’m (glady, voluntarily) marketing Moo to you!

Lesson: Your reputation (AKA brand) matters. We now live and work in the Reputation Economy. 

Which, Oh, BTW, is the premise of (my recent co-author) Josh Klein’s awesome new book: Reputation Economics. Josh details how the value of individual reputation is radically changing the way business is done. A fantastic read!!

Oops, there I go again, spreading news about another Wow experience! Doing marketing for something that Wow’d me.

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