Do you use your medical benefits?

There is an awful lot of conversation around benefits right now. A whole bunch and I don’t need to rehash it here.
But this was something I really wasn’t prepared for it. People who have benefits and don’t use them.
I am grateful for the medical benefits that I have and use. And while not many people think preventative medicine is sexy and exciting, I do. Every year, I have a mammogram, pap smear, physical and two visits to the dentist. In posting on Twitter my fun and delight waiting for my annual mammogram, I had a response from a woman who doesn’t have mammograms. One reason she stated was that she is afraid of x-rays. I was stunned.
I know two women right now battling through breast cancer and both got caught early because of mammograms. Each with a spouse and children. I am pretty sure that the low dose x-ray was worth saving a life. Read a little about another great HR friend’s fight against cancer. Read Kelly Mitton’s post here.
So I wonder, do you use your benefits? If not, why not?

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