Do you struggle to find people on Twitter? Try Follower Wonk’s bio search

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Are you having trouble finding people on Twitter? As a recruiter, sourcer /researcher or business development person looking for specific companies or individuals on Twitter, it can be frustrating sometimes – I know I have done it!!
I want to share with you a Twitter search tool that (using the Twitter API) searches the Bio’s of everyone on Twitter. It is simple and brilliant. Don’t be put off by the name – FollowerWonk, even though it sounds like something out of a Dutch porn movie, this tool is superb! 

Followerwonk search screen

The search screen is simple – don’t forget to use the usual search commands – for exact phrases put in speech marks.
As an example, I just did a search for “social recruiting” in Twitter Bio’s – here are the results:

Followerwonk search resulting

Now, as with searching on all the other online databases – LinkedIn, Job Boards etc just remember that people have many things they call themselves. For example, someone in sales might call themselves a ‘sales executive’, ‘sales representatives’, business development manager’ or just ‘ in sales’, so try different combinations of job titles, words and phrases to maximise this tool.

Now…….get searching and go find the people that you want:-)

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