Do You Remember When You Used To Be Able To See Your Competition?

For many businesses around the world, there used to be a time when their competitor was across the street, around the corner or in the state next door.

Now, as everyone knows, your competition is everywhere and almost everyone.

Fifteen years ago there was no company called Alibaba.

On 11/11, this pre-adolescent company sold over $9 Billion of global merchandise on their platform!

More than ever, competition is virtual.

More than ever, competitors are a simple click away.

More than ever, if you do not create exceptional experiences you are vulnerable.

More than ever, people will crave personalized, friendly, hassle free interactions.

More than ever, people and companies will pay a premium for organizations who can ensure at each and every interaction they create a friendly, personalized, hassle free interaction.

More than ever, if your competitors are everywhere, experiences are the only differentiators.

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