Do You Know The Difference Between Exceptional and Ordinary?

I believe that every Chief Customer Officer, every Chief Executive Officer, and everyone associated with serving a customer has a similar goal of being exceptional versus ordinary.

Every year there are millions upon millions of dollars invested in customer service, customer loyalty, customer journey mapping, net promoter score, and other types of experience improvement efforts by companies all over the globe.

So tell me, why does customer service still suck so badly with all the billions invested?

It pretty much comes down to a couple of things. The companies that fail miss these important details.

It doesn’t matter how good your vision is, how good your plan is, and how smart your executive team is.

If you don’t enable your front line to create a personalized service interaction your key metrics will suffer.

The other blunder we see executive teams and companies make is that they do well on what they deem the important or hard things, and lose focus, do not pay attention, and have inconsistent interactions on what they perceive as trivia, detail or “the little things.”

The best companies, the best leaders, the best Chief Customer Officers know that the difference between being exceptional and being seen as ordinary comes down to  managing the details in a personalized, authentic and friendly way.

If you want a reminder of what it takes to be exceptional in the personalized economy, stick this graphic in your bathroom so you will see it every morning.


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