Do You DIY?

Do You DIY?

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Oops; Wally Bock’s at it again; much to the detriment of a majority of the leadership industry who aren’t into DIY.

Wally once again put the ball firmly back in management’s court when it comes to engagement.

He did that with an irreverent (gently sarcastic?) take on the ills that engagement is supposed to cure and explaining five engaging actions that bosses at any/every level can and should take.

Wally is a gentleman and far more subtle than I, so he refrained from the blunt assessment I recently gave a client after recommending a similar program.

When “Richard” balked at the personal effort involved and excused his reluctance by saying he would rather “bring in professionals to formulate and implement a strong engagement program” I couldn’t stop laughing.

Richard was offended and we, as my 90 year-old maiden aunt used to say, had words.

The upshot was that I suggested Richard do two things,

  1. find a coach who wasn’t into DIY and had a comprehensive list of consultants to recommend; and
  2. update his resume now, since, based on his team’s productivity, creativity and turnover, he would be needing it sooner rather than later.

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