Do User Fees Undermine Your eLearning Program?

User Fees eLearning ProgramMany learning management system (LMS) providers charge per user fees. This can make company’s learning and training program incredibly expensive. It can also take focus from learning initiatives and makes it impossible for some organizations to adopt an online learning environment. Such costs have the potential to limit workforce involvement which is counter-intuitive to development goals.

These fees can hinder company-wide training and all of the benefits of such a program.  There is a solution that is a game-changer. TOPYX®, an award winning LMS that does not charge per user fees.  If you have 10, 10,000 or 10M users, there is only one low LMS price with TOPYX.

As an organization grows centrally or around the ever-shrinking globe, many are looking for systems that will help them accelerate the time to productivity for new hires and better prepare existing learners for the challenges ahead, without growth prohibitive user fees.

TOPYX is focused on the learner and getting everyone within an organization to participate in the conversation. With a structural mission to engage the learner and help them access core learning information and materials through an online learning center, Interactyx Limited (the developers of TOPYX) is dedicated to making their LMS software affordable for organizations of all sizes.

This means it doesn’t matter how big or small your business, organization, or association is, with TOPYX you will never pay per user fees.  Instead, they offer unlimited users and usage for one low subscription fee.

Problems with user fees:

  • User fees can greatly increase your startup and legacy costs.
  • Costs accrued from per user fees can be too expensive for some businesses, yet using an LMS is essential for growth and operations. When such institutions think an LMS platform is impossible to afford, they can be inclined to forego this option which actually hurts their bottom lines.
  • When there is too much focus on fees, the goal of creating a learning platform to equip your workforce may be easily forgotten. Putting the development of your employees before costs allows implementing an LMS to be treated as an investment that will reap greater financial earnings with time.
  • If high per user fees have you considering charging for eLearning courses it is important to think about how charging per course may diminish the purpose of your learning platform.
  • You have to pick and choose who has access and manage ‘seats’ or ‘licenses’.  If you are making an investment in an LMS, why limit its potential by not getting everyone involved? This can also influence adoption and acceptance within your organization.

Avoiding per user LMS fees are especially important for association, non-profit and membership organization  eLearning programs.  These types of organization usually have a significant number of members that need to access mission critical information and collaboration tools, but do not have large budgets. Being able to avoid user fees with TOPYX can help their budgets go a little further toward their mission. See more about why TOPYX is the LMS for associations.

With the TOPYX learning management system associations, organizations, and companies can reap the benefits of a cost effective eLearning platform. With a flat rate, and no per user charges, any institution has the ability to host training programs and learning initiatives that will advance their individual purposes.

Don’t let user fees prevent you from offering eLearning courses and award-winning social learning tools to your employees, association members, or students. Request a free, live demo of TOPYX today.

Break away from user fees forever.

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
[email protected]

Interactyx Limited

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