Disappointment as a Brain Boost

Work in innovation and you’re bound to be saddened by situations, often beyond your control. Letdowns tend to come faster when you’re tired, or when you leap too high, too soon.

If you measure the size of your success by the strength of your talents, you likely regret washouts as an irreversible  blows to your brain. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Disappointment as a Brain Boost

That sudden collapse of hope may leaves scars of defeat, but it needn’t leave you in despair. Few deny that it’s rarely easy to step past mischance at first. Those who find a way beyond their initial  impasse, though, tend to boost brainpower for new wins.  How so?

1. Chase one new adventure today, and disappoints will dim as your working memory engages novel challenges.

2. Risk doing a new hobby for profit or fun, and your brain rewires new neuron pathways into  opportunities that many crave.

3. Inspire a new venture with an upbeat peer,  and prevent your brain from defaulting back to ruts that cause bummer limitations to a fresh focus.

4. Play with hidden or unused intelligences to remove the taste of disappointment’s bitter pill.

5. Laugh at the little things, and misfortune become a flash in the pan.  Humor’s chemical hormones release conditions for new innovations, that few grumps optimize.

Disappointments are to the brain what bitter storms  are to a summer day.  In both cases relief comes more from living euphoria on the other side of rainclouds – than in settling in for washouts.  It’s about rewiring brainpower for another shot at progress.

Have you noticed that to deal with mischance as an insight forward, is to change the chemical and electrical networks in your brain? Transform disaster and defeat into rejuvenated directions that emulate care and curiosity for the next opportunity that could be yours.  The opposite is also true.

Research shows how disappointment stops mental growth, triggers potentially dangerous chemicals and shuts out any new shoots of opportunity that could be yours.

Can you see disappointment from your brain’s perspective?

Live one opposite of letdown today, and your brain rewires its plasticity to rejuvenate your situation tomorrow.

Your unique mix of intelligences go a long way to transform hard knocks of defeat  into opportunities that reboot your brainpower.  Disappointment offers  new neuron pathways to success, in exchange for slipping into sadness that drags you down. Could it happen to your last bust?

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