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I was listening to the opening keynote speech at the 2010 National Association of Government Webmasters (NAGW) this morning. The keynote speaker, Jared Spool spoke about building great user experiences and much of what he is sharing is relevant to not just design but also to successfully managing change In an organization.

Jared has been looking at what makes teams successful. After digging through hundreds of projects he found the key attributes that went into the equation were:

– Methodology and dogma
– Techniques and tricks

Going into this effort the assumption was that teams who made use of robust methodologies would clearly be more successful… Makes sense, right?

Wrong. The teams that are finding the best results are those that count more on techniques and tricks did better…. Counter-intuitive? Yes. The reason is that teams that are blindly following methodologies often take away the ability of their team members to be creative.

In my opinion you should:

– Follow a methodology. You do need a base system that provides a framework for your teams.
– Perform regular reviews of projects that are being worked on. During these reviews be unafraid to change portions of the methodology that are not working for you.
– Ensure that the techniques and tricks being used are documented, supported, and embraced. These are part of your culture and inspire you teams and ensure creativity is not lost.

What do you think?


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