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Do you have a boss that keeps telling you what to do? Are you being micromanaged? This is a severe problem, not necessary for you, but for sure for your manager. The problem with micromanagement issues is diverse. You feel like you can’t breathe, develop and grow in your role at work. You feel supervised and unappreciated. But there is hope, and you do not need to quit your job just yet.

Remember you are dealing with people

Human behavior is a great thing to know more about when you are dealing with people, and when it comes down to relations, you are dealing with people. You must get to know this person that is micromanaging you. Why do you think you are being micromanaged in the first place? Is there a certain topic that is preferable for constant “interruptions”?

First of all start with you

Are you getting the results that is required? I have met leaders that micromanage where it is necessary to get things done. If results are poor, chances are that you are either being micromanaged or replaced. If this is the case, first of all learn what they do and copy it.

Be aware, look at when people micromanage and try to be one step ahead. If they need to micromanage someone to get things done, make sure that you gets it done first. I have a personal trick whenever any of my co-workers are being criticized for something. I write it down, and make sure that I never do the same thing myself.

Be proactive it might get you the slack you need.

So back to human behavior

Ivan Pavlov was a clever man dealing with Classical Conditioning, and researched making connections between action and response. So to be more specific, create good connections with the action you want to see more of. If your manager gives you space, appreciate it by saying how much you appreciate the trust you are receiving, and that you feel that you are working well under these conditions. Appreciate how the manager is dealing with external affairs, and the manager might tend to do more of what is being appreciated. Just do not start to electrocute the manager for the wrong behavior and you are home safe.

But wait, there is still more…

Managers are somewhere upon history at one point promoted from somewhere. If you are doing the managers old job, micromanagement can be a huge problem, as the old manager are still feeling attached to their old job. It might be hard to fight this one. But try to open up and respect that there is a lot of experience in this poodle of mud. Try to praise the job that has been done and seek knowledge from the source. Ask for a meeting and discuss what was good, and what errors to avoid. This might disarm the micromanager as he/she might feel trust.

Dealing with a micromanager is never easy, it is necessary for you to be patient, smart and proactive. And use your eyes and ears as they might give you clues, as all people micromanagers is also interested in getting the job done. So maybe all you need to do is make sure that you do it before the micromanager micromanages? Do you have further advice to help my readers coping with micromanagement? Please do comment.

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