David Zinger Eclectic Links: Are you an Amafessional?

Are you an Amafessional?

  • WSJ: Are you a Amafessional? Amateurs rival professionals in opportunity, talent & producing quality work.  By E. Kinney Zalesne
  • Go 4 It. The Four Conversations: Communication That Gets Results reviewed by Lisa Haneberg
  • Learning from Athletes and Co-pilots By Frode Heimen, I love checklists too.
  • Jessica Hagy. Business intersects with artistry chart
  • Inspiring video. Engage with The Power of One. Thanks to @bfederman about
  • Love it. I love lunch…improv everywhere musical on lunch.
  • Life in six words. “a great man is one sentenceabout
  • Gallup on Next Generation of Leadership – State of Mind
  • Leaders learn “states of mind – will to work, will to live, will to revolt, will to follow you.”
  • Broken Recognition. Avoid Recognition Breakage. ~ Peter W. Hart
  • SHOPTIMISM review
  • Personal. David Zinger collection of writing at Joyful Jubilant Learning. Join Us
  • David Zinger interviewed by Zane Safrit on  Employee Engagement

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