David Zinger: 4 Courses in the New Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is good work done well with others every day. There is no way to engagement, to engage is the way.

I am celebrating a new year of work and focus on employee engagement today, November 1st, 2017.

Here are the 4 major topics, keynotes, speeches, workshops, courses and master classes I will be focusing on to achieve results, build relationships, cultivate wellbeing and improve employee engagement for the benefit of all with my clients in 2018. I encourage you to contact me to have a conversation about my services and engage along with me because our best is yet to be.

Our first quarter century of work on employee engagement did not produce the organizational or individual results we expected. It is tempting to abandon our efforts and go in search of a new grail of leadership, management, and work.

I believe just the opposite is required, we need to get more into engagement to get more out of it.

The New Employee Engagement will help us attain the key ABC’s of work: Achieve Results, Build Relationships, and Cultivate Wellbeing because work will revolve around engagement rather than engagement circling around work.

1. The New Employee Engagement: Getting More into Our Work to Get More Out of Our Work

Leverage the 10 Essential Elements of Engagement to Turbocharge Leadership and Work.

Employee engagement has not lived up to expectations. There is no way to engagement, to engage is how we lead, manage, and work. Apply the 10-block pyramid of engagement for exceptional results, performance, progress, relationships, recognition, moments, strengths, meaning, wellbeing, and energy.

2. Well, Well, Well: Dynamic Tools for Wellbeing at Work

Build and Apply a Powerful Wellbeing Toolkit

Work can make us well but many people experience the opposite from disengagement and stress to illness and burnout. Wellbeing is not a program, policy, or work perk. Authentic wellbeing is derived from building and practicing a toolkit of powerful pathways and skills in being well at work and having work itself contribute to our overall wellbeing

3. Engage– The Essential Approach and Skills in Being an Engaging Leader/Manager

Mastering Engaging Conversations: From Curiosity and Questions to Conversations and Action

Leaders and managers must achieve results, build relationships, and cultivate wellbeing. We double the power of engagement by assisting managers in seizing personal responsibility for their own engagement while also being accountable to the organization and all employees with their positive influence on everyone’s engagement.

4. How to Be a People Artist at Work

Skill and Will Development to Draw Out the Best in Others at Work.

Everyone can be an artist of recognition, appreciation, and connection. People Artistry is the debt we pay forward to those who drew out the best from us. Learn how be a People Artist at work and draw out the best from others for performance, recognition, and engagement, and wellbeing.

David Zinger, a global employee engagement visionary, speaker, writer, network host, educator and consultant, offers four exclusive keynotes, speeches, workshops, master classes or courses in 2018. Each session can be customized based on the client’s unique needs and interests. These courses are unique and exclusive based on David’s limited availability and interest. The sessions are ideal for leadership and management education, conferences, keynotes, or company-wide sessions on engagement.


View a short sample of David speaking on Employee Engagement at a Wales conference on Leadership Engagement:

To learn more or request a topic, email: [email protected]  or phone: 204 254 2130


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