Datatel Users Group

Today I get on a big ole jet airliner and fly to Washington DC for the annual Datatel Users Group conference. I am scheduled to present on two topics – one human resources administration in smaller educational institutions; and two, social media and social networking.  
The second presentation will be fun and interesting and everything I love.  But there is strong apprehension in those who aren’t involved in this communication revolution.  In the last few weeks, my HR Twitter peeps have been discussing the lack of social media awareness in professional groups – SHRM, local HR groups, etc.  I wrote about it previously as well on my local SHRM group.  And some of my HR Twitter colleagues have observed the total rejection of social media tools based on fear and loathing – driven by perhaps well intentioned, but completely out-of-touch attorneys. Mark Stelzner wrote about here.  And you can follow the links to other posts as well.  

The difference with this group is that we come together around a SIS (ERP) platform and there is a common interest at least in the technology.  So perhaps when I say make to check in on 4SQ, some of the attendants will know what I am saying.   And if they don’t, they will when I am done.  

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