Danielle LaPorte & Tim Sharp, Great Work MBA

In the lead-up to the Great Work MBA, I’m taking a look at some of the Great Work Interviews (GWI) I’ve done with some of our 25 amazing speakers. On Day 1, you’l hear from Tim Sharp on How to Stay Happy, and from Danielle LaPorte on How to Be Courageous. Without further ado, I present some of my previously recorded GWI…

Tim Sharp

Tim Sharp, who is also known as Dr Happy, draws his wisdom from his different experiences in thinking about and working with the topic. He’s an academic, he’s a clinical psychologist, he’s a business coach, he’s an expert on positive psychology, he’s a communicator and he regularly appears on radio and TV. In this one (and with apologies for the occasionally poor sound quality) he talks about:

  • How an insight about how the absence of depression doesn’t necessarily lead to happiness started it all
  • Whether or not you ‘need’ to have happiness in your workplaces to be effective
  • One small but critical thing you can do to make a difference to your happiness – and those around you.
  • The role of mindfulness in increasing happiness

Listen to my interview with Tim Sharp

Danielle LaPorte

Danielle released her new book The Fire Starter Sessions last year.  It’s all about how to live an authentic, damn good life and make an impact. In this interview, we chat about “wide awake living”:

  • Being your true self – the most effective formula for success there is – and why it’s so hard to do
  • The “revelation of suckage” and how getting in touch with your pain can bring about clarity and change
  • Why you don’t need trauma to grow and how you can become aware of subtle nudges instead of getting hit by 2x4s
  • Loving your fears and letting them be your teacher
  • How to increase the odds of enjoying what you get when you get it

Listen to my interview with Danielle LaPorte

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