Daily Employee Engagement Week 6: Continue Routine After Falling

The Walden 2.010 Project (Week 6)

Daily employee engagement. This is a weekly reporting of a one year project monitoring, measuring, and assessing daily employee engagement. You can see the  original project plan, intention, measures and tools by  clicking here.

Week 6: Getting Back Up Again after Falling

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Week 6. This week the recording and mindful monitoring of employee engagement derailed. I failed to keep track and sustain the discipline for each day.

Assessment and Review. Although numbers were not attached to 3 out of 5 days my engagement was moderate to good overall. It is not that this is an onerous task but it just got away from me.

Conclusions and Recommendations.  I will need to set more structure around the daily monitoring. For this week the very first task when starting my computer will be to go to the document and complete the daily survey.The Olympics are on in Canada and they have had some setbacks and many athletes will have challenges. The key is to learn and move forward. That is what I will do with this project….learn and move forward. I find that figure skaters offer a good model of this when they fall in their routine, get back to their feet, and finish their skating routine.

Employee Engagement Overall Take-away. There is a huge flux and flow in engagement. This week was okay for engagement but poor for project monitoring and mindfulness. We need to prepare people for times of low or fluctuating engagement so that they don’t get into a funk or fall trap to thinking more has been lost than it actually has.

When you engagement falls, how do you pick yourself back up

again and carry on with your routine.


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