Customers At The Center Of Everything You Do

When you put your internal and external customers at the center of everything you do, you will create sustainable and significant growth.

Everybody wants sustainable and significant growth.

Everybody talks about putting the customer first, however when it comes to making tough choices around things like budgets, systems, structures, rewards, feedback, accountability, autonomy, authority and recognition, more often then not the customer experience is not at the center of every critical decision or interaction around these key areas.

I challenge you to review your people practices and your organizational systems and test them to see if they are supporting creating an exceptional customer experience internally or externally.

When I am talking about an internal customer, I am talking about your employees. If you don’t get the importance of treating your high performers like rock stars and removing obstacles then you clearly don’t have the customer at the center of everything you do.

For those people and companies that get it, you know that when you have intense customer centricity and you focus on creating differentiated customer experiences, your customers become an extension of your sales force.

That is what leads to significant and sustainable growth.

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