Customer Experience Goes Into Overdrive (via Customer Experience Matters)

Bruce Temkin continues to deliver great information about customer experience and customer service. If you have not yet checked out his blog I would recommend you doing so.

His survey shows that many companies are recognizing the need to give great experiences for their customers, and potential customers. Our efforts to deliver results through social business strategies that impact marketing,sales, customer service, and other functions, will play a key role in these efforts.

Customer Experience Goes Into Overdrive In our survey of companies with at least $500 million in annual revenues, only 11% of respondents thought their company was a customer experience leader in their industry (or across industries). But 65% of respondents think their executive team has a goal to be customer experience leaders within three years. My take: Obviously, two-thirds of companies won’t end up leading their industry. But this ambition highlights the focus that companies are s … Read More

via Customer Experience Matters

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