Cultivating a better workplace culture

workplace culture

Thriving businesses require thriving company cultures. This week’s roundup brings you five articles to help you cultivate a better culture at your workplace.

  • Why companies need a smart training culture The Globe and Mail: “‘What’s key is understanding the development path, not just dictating to employees [what courses to take] but understanding what is important to that individual,’ says Rhonda Klosler, a chartered professional accountant and chief operating officer at accounting firm Collins Barrow Toronto LLP. ‘It might not necessarily be the role they’re in today,’ she says, explaining why staff training and education are important to a company’s bottom line.”
  • Are You Ready to Get Serious About Fixing Your Workplace Culture? TLNT: “Many leaders desire to make a meaningful impact in their organizations, yet no matter how successful they are, culture is always helping and holding them back from maximizing that impact. There are results to deliver, diseases to cure, people to educate, governments to change, and other meaningful improvements leaders desire to make, but most are not leveraging the power of organizational culture.”
  • Millennials Will Change the Workplace Culture, Here’s how Employers Can Adapt Fox Business: “When it comes to their expectations about blending work and life, Millennials want their employers involved: 64 percent indicated cash or some tangible benefit would most motivate them to participate in a corporate health program, and 33 percent said that providing money-based incentives would be the single most valuable action in helping them reach their health goals for 2014.”
  • Keys to a Great Corporate Culture PennEnergy: “State a clear mission, then live it daily. How many times have you been through a vision/mission/goals process where the recommendations are neatly tucked away in a large binder? Or, your mission is displayed prominently on plaques around the office and everyone pays lip service to it, but ignores it in day-to-day business. Perhaps a framed/glassed mission statement suddenly appears on the wall – neither you nor your employees had a role in creating it, nor any idea how to implement it. All of these scenarios chip away at morale and give associates the impression that their ideas and feedback aren’t important.”
  • Don’t Let Your Workplace Be an Oldsmobile Huffington Post: “Simply put, culture is the sum of the beliefs, customs, rituals, ceremonies and symbols of an organization. Culture is the energy of your organization, and is responsible for productivity and innovation. Culture is what makes your firm more money. Culture is what attracts and retains people to your organization. Culture facilitates change. The reverse is also true. Failing companies typically feature a ‘sick’ culture. Staff are unhappy and going through the motions — either waiting things out, or actively looking to jump ship.”

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