“Creativity is an operational idea.”

Some of you may know that Sir Ken Robinson is a hero of mine.  His 2006 TED talk on education, that I’ve blogged about before, is inspirational.  Track down and read his book Our of our Minds.  Until doing some research on another topic I had missed completely this October 2009 Toronto, Canada event at which he spoke – Artscape’s third Creative Places + Spaces: The Collaborative City conference.

Sir Ken talks about collaboration in the 21st century and creativity as an operational idea, which you can plan for and make happen systematically.

 Here are some quotes from his talk:

“Creativity is an operational idea.  You can plan for it and make it happen systematically”

“We need to make innovation a habit”

“Politician’s say the trouble is you can’t define creativity, and I say the trouble is YOU can’t!  That’s the problem”

“We need to teach creativity in education just like numeracy and literacy”

“It’s a key operating principle for the next phase of development in the 21st century”

“Creativity Is a step on from imagination”

“it’s applied imagination”

“Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value”

“It’s a process, not an event”

“Creativity is a real process.  Like a strand of DNA where critical judgment wraps itself around the process of hypothesising – you’re constantly testing out whether this is a good idea or not”

We need more of this thinking applied inside every one of our organizations. 

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