Creative Sourcing

Finding new ways to reach top talent isn’t easy and isn’t
always cheap. Many recruiters fall back on the old way of doing things,
traditional job boards and LinkedIn.  I
find that for many recruiters they are overwhelmed by the number of tools out
there and they don’t have time to waste using inefficient products. Even worse,
many recruiters are working with a tight budget and purchasing new tools just
isn’t an option. Many just don’t know where to start.

For me, the best place to start is by identifying what works and what I still need. Is your problem finding qualified candidates or is it more of a struggle to get candidates to engage with you? Are you finding tons of candidates but none of them are meeting all the qualifications for the role?  Figuring out your pain points will help you know where to start.

Once you know what you need, start talking to people.  Ask people in TA what they are using and how
they like it. There are tons of networking groups you can join on different
social media platforms.  You can also try
attending some local meet ups.   Don’t
forget to ask candidates, where are they going to find jobs, are they using any
additional tools? Are there sites or networking groups they like?

When you have some ideas about different tools you might be interested in you can start asking for demos.  Many organizations especially startups will often offer you a free trial.  As the unemployment rate continues to drop it is going to become more and more difficult to fill positions and you will need to get more creative in your search. The amount of technology out there can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  Once you have identified the right tools for your needs you will save yourself a lot of time and possibly even some money in your budget.

By Caitlin Mandeville | People Science CSM

From our inception in 1997, companies have relied on People Science to “break the code” of their toughest and most complicated recruiting efforts. Acknowledging the importance of taking a fresh approach when in a War for Talent, we challenge ourselves to create processes, methodology and “out of the box” recruiting ideas to bring resolution to our clients’ critical staffing goals. As a result we have completed many RPO projects in our tenure and consider ourselves pioneers in the field of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). People Science provides End to End, Augmentation and Project RPO Services.

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