Creative Learning

Creative Learning, Lisbon

My keynote offers a few provocative thoughts on boosting business productivity — hell, even just staying in the game — as relates to what we know about how people learn.

12 minute video

This led to a 45-minute Q&A. (I’ve chopped it back to 12 minutes.) I never watch anything longer than 12 minutes these days, and I suspect this way too long except for Friends of Jay.

Since I don’t have time to boil this down to the essence right now, I’ll post it — and come back some time (maybe) to make a two-minute knock your socks off summary. You fans will overlook with the dead spots. Enjoy!

Professionally, I’m having a great time these last three months coaxing organizations to embrace openness, authenticity, and collective intelligence: good for the bottom line, good for the earth. Doing well by doing good. Chatting with people is the most satisfying way I’ve discovered for opening our awareness of fresh opportunities. Let’s visit.

One of the first people who saw this video Skyped me to ask about the translations. It was instant and nearly flawless. Before someone speaking Portuguese had finished a sentence, I was hearing their words in English through my headset. Same thing for my audience grokking what I am saying in English within seconds. Simultaneous translators have special brains, like chess masters. They have this incredible ability not just to recall words, idioms, and metaphor, but to experience things through another cultural lens. In the moment. And express it in the listener’s cultural context. Incredible.

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