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Once a year, the HR blogging illuminati meets in secret (well they are a secret society) to bestow honour on someone special, someone hardworking in HR. In 2012 when this first commenced, the person chosen was Tim Sackett, and so this practice has forever come to be known as Tim Sackett day.

This blog post is my contribution to recognise my excellent friend, Victorio Milian, who this year’s Tim Sackett day is for.

Why am I so happy to recognise him? Or, as Elizabeth Barrett Browning so romantically put it:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

Victorio is a lovely host. I’ve known Victorio a while, and visited his wonderful city of New York twice since we’ve known each other (when I say it’s his – he doesn’t quite own it, yet. He lives there). The first time I met him in 2012 I also met Crystal Miller and Stuart Jones, and I have the photos to prove it.

Victorio Crystal and Stuart

The four of us sat in a quiet corner of an hotel somewhere close to the financial district, enjoying a conversation about work. When I left, Victorio left with me, and though he was very busy (at the time he worked for Pret a Manger and had a demanding schedule as a recruiter), Victorio spent time giving me ideas about where to go and what to do in New York. He suspended his busyness long enough to show interest in what I wanted, and to help me feel welcome.

We met again, in 2014 – just the two of us this time. We had dinner and each talked about how we usefully bring our creative endeavours to our work. In Victorio’s case, he told me of a client he’s working with who are in the process of relocating, having been in the original location for many, many years. Victorio is a keen photographer, and he is using that skill to compile a record of the move from the old place, to the new. Organisational memory is an interesting thing, and I believe his work will be of value to people as they shift and adjust.

Victorio is a creative guy. I already mentioned his skill as a photographer, and he supports that with engaging thinking around the creative process as a whole. A good place to see him at work is his Creative Chaos website.

Victorio lets his work speak for itself. I’m aware of Victorio, I know he is there, and he doesn’t push it. In a time when technology allows us to be ever present, I appreciate his cadence and flow. It feels real.

Victorio understand the importance of not taking yourself too seriously.


I confess I am not a big fan of public displays of affection, I prefer to let people know how much they mean to me on a one to one basis. In this case, I am happy to make an exception. Happy Tim Sackett day, my excellent friend.

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