Creating Hyperlinks with HTML Code

using HTML to make hyperlinksWhen you make a website, you will want to use hyperlinks to help visitors find their way around. Hyperlinks can link to pages on your own site and pages elsewhere on the Internet. Without hyperlinks, your site will be difficult to navigate.

You can’t hope to build a website properly without a firm grasp on how to use hyperlinks, and the first thing to learn is the HTML code. You will use a different code, depending on whether you’re creating a text hyperlink or an image hyperlink.

How to Create Hyperlinks

Use the following code to create a text hyperlink:

<a href=””>EXAMPLE</a>

In the above example, the word “EXAMPLE” would be rendered as clickable text.

Use the following code to create an image hyperlink:

<a href=””><img src=”” /></a>

In the above example, the file example.gif would appear as a clickable image.

Tips for Using Hyperlinks Effectively

 Use the following tips to use hyperlinks as effectively as possible:

  • Only use hyperlinks when it makes sense to do so. Resist the urge to use them just because you think you should. They should link to content that adds value.
  • Always be sure to check for broken links.  A single, small error in HTML code can render a hyperlink useless. Nothing is more frustrating than clicking a link and having nothing happen or being taken to the wrong place. In addition to alienating visitors, dead links can throw off search engine spiders, which can affect your site’s ranking. If you have many links in your website, use a program that can check your website for dead links. 
  • Mix up your use of hyperlinks. Don’t use anchor text like “click here” and “read more.” Sprinkle in a few long-tail links, which feature longer strings of clickable text.
  • Use image hyperlinks from time to time. Text links tend to be more popular, but image links work well too. They especially make sense on navigational menus, but they can be used right on a regular web page as well.

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