Creating A One Page Leadership Learning Plan for 2011

Today’s business environment is based on ‘knowledge’ and creating a learning culture is critical for the continued growth of a business.

What does that mean in terms of developing employees?

You have to promote learning for yourself and your employees.

Organizations that support continuous learning are more  successful because ongoing learning and development affects the bottom line.

Since there is a shortage of talent with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet current business demands, it is wise to develop your internal talent and help them grow . Compensation is important but if you follow the current research, you will find that ‘learning’ is critical to an employee’s satisfaction and to the overall retention within a company.

We know that things have changed and that long-term loyalty is not offered by employee or employer, so the most realistic goal is to maintain higher retention levels for the effectiveness of the business. Learning and development is one tool that works.

Your direct reports will respond favorably to you when you provide developmental learning opportunities for them to grow their talent.

One of the best ways to set the stage for the creation of a learning and development culture is for each employee to develop a personal learning and development plan. As their leader, it is important for you be an example of this organizational value,

The One Page Leadership Development Plan for 2011.

Ask yourself the following questions and begin to draft your plan forward for 2011. When you finish yours, share this with your direct reports and have them do the same.  Have the team share their plans with all team members in order to raise awareness of the aggregate goals of your team.

What kind of year was 2010 for you?

What skills were you able to employ that had a positive impact?

What skills were lacking for you?

What feedback did you receive that offers you insight for your development for 2011?

What would you like to learn in 2011?

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