CreateDebate does what it says on the tin


Earlier this week I tested out a site called CreateDebate. which allows you to set out a proposition and some opposing arguments and then invite others to join the debate. I picked a contentious issue – how relevant is the ADDIE model in 2009? – and then invited some colleagues that I thought would have an opinion on the subject to join the discussion. I also tweeted that the debate was on and this brought along other visitors.

I was impressed with how quickly the debate took shape. Within a couple of days 22 different arguments had been added – in all cases well-considered and helpful – and 86 votes cast. The end result in quantitative terms was that 42 believed that ADDIE had had its day and 34 that it was still the way forward. More importantly, the debate page provides the opportunity in the long-term for anyone interested in the issue to explore the different arguments and perhaps to add their own. I was impressed with the outcome and very grateful to those who contributed.

The guys at CreateDebate tell me that the site is also configurable for private discussions among groups of students, so this makes a useful educational tool that could easily be launched from an LMS.

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