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I was interviewed by The Buffalo News about resolutions that companies and individuals can make for a prosperous new year.

Sound Advice

  • Local business experts offer resolutions that companies and individuals can make for a prosperous new year

Below is what I said.

  • * Pare down priorities. Create no more than six goals for 2012, said Michael Cardus, founder and CEO of Create-Learning, a local leadership development company.
  • The goals should take from three to 12 months to accomplish and have definite deadlines. You should have a system in place for measuring the success of each.
  • "[They] must have the ‘what’ — what the outcome will be — and the ‘by when’ — when the outcome will be achieved," Cardus said. "The ‘by-when’ drives the prioritization."
  • When prioritizing, it’s just as important to decide what needs to be changed as it is to decide what needs to stay the same.
  • Business owners should decide what is already going well within their company, and then leave it alone or build on it.
  • "Do more of what’s working to bring in revenue," Cardus said.
  • When it comes to what’s not working, Cardus suggests business leaders "judiciously eliminate." Look at what is not serving the company well, then make thoughtful decisions about getting rid of it.
  • "Bad is stronger than good. It is more important to eliminate the negative than to accentuate the positive," Cardus said.

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