Create a Successful Onboarding Program with an LMS

OnboardingDoing your job well doesn’t always qualify you to train up employees. Especially when bringing on a new hire, it’s important to consider what your employee needs to know and how he or she will become informed about company protocol.

A learning management system (LMS) can be useful when the goal is to get an employee acclimated to your work environment quickly and successfully.

The process of onboarding occurs when an individual is first getting acquainted with his or her position at an established company. Onboarding can be a tedious task, and is often an undervalued process. Using a good LMS to aid new employees in the onboarding process can save you time and money.

Online eLearning Tools

Before beginning your onboarding LMS program, consider some virtual eLearning tools that may assist your current training curriculum:

  • Real Time Chat
  • Company Calendar and Training Course Promotion
  • Database of company archive material including (but not limited to): articles, blogs, infographs, proposals, meeting minutes, videos and documents
  • Personal Employee Profiles

By identifying which eLearning tools will welcome new employees and help them better understand their roles within your company, you can start envisioning what you want your eLearning center to look like, represent, and accomplish.

Bring Together a Company Database

Hopefully you recognize that organized information will streamline the onboarding process. Begin to imagine the format you want your LMS program to take on by considering what information you want to present through some of the vehicles listed above.  Would it enrich your training program to make available information presented in video format, podcasts, or slide shows?

Also, think about how you will organize the company’s collective knowledge online. Will you organize documents by date or theme? Always keep the onboarding process in mind when arranging your digital database. What does your new employee need to know right away and down the road, and how can you organize information to aid this process?

Onboarding is an invaluable process that can be made simple and secure with a company eLearning and training center. Incorporating a social learning management system will save time and money in setting up a total onboarding program. The best LMS to accomplish this goal is TOPYX®, an award winning learning management system.

View some features and benefits of using TOPYX. Also, you can request a free, live LMS demo today.

Successful onboarding can lead to reduced costs and time to get new hires to productivity. Get ready to hire with the right LMS.

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
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