Could Tumblr and Snapchat be vital for your future HR brand?

Social media has become a core component of recruiting for most businesses. Even if you don’t use LinkedIn every day, you probably still occasionally post job openings to Facebook or Twitter (or your employees do without your knowledge!). And social media is an important part of developing a successful HR brand. But it can be hard to keep up with the latest, greatest new service.

Consumer brands like 16 Handles have experimented with marketing on emerging social networks. Why not try it with recruiting?

Consumer brands like 16 Handles have experimented with marketing on emerging social networks. Why not try it with recruiting?

So, should you invest your time in smaller services, like Tumblr, or up-and-coming services, like Snapchat?

Both platforms are worth looking into. Tumblr has been around for a few years and has solidly established itself as a link- and photo-sharing service. Snapchat is trying to be a solution to the fact that “once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever.” It centers around the disposable: sharing photos that disappear into the ether after a few seconds. Both are intriguing for your company’s recruiting long-game, because they’re extraordinarily popular with teenagers. (Be warned: both also have a bit of a porn problem).

Tumblr for HR

Tumblr is primarily used for photo blogging, but it also provides the ability to post text, links, videos, and animated gifs. Fashion bloggers love its simplicity. Activists love it because the service makes it easy to get their message out to the masses. News organizations use it because sharing isn’t just possible, but encouraged, and people love short blurbs before they dig in to a longer story. Tumblr has been successful because of its no-frills look, and the freedom it givesĀ  users.

How can this become vital to your HR brand? People are visual creatures. HR professionals who can find creative ways to promote their business using photographs and short blurbs can increase recruitment success by reaching a huge pool of talent, especially among young people.

On Tumblr, you could:

  • Advertise open positions with a link going back to your company’s careers portal
  • Share information about conferences, hiring fairs, and industry-related workshops
  • Post motivational sound bites
  • Publish photos of your employees and activities at your business
  • Promote stories and articles about issues that develop interest in your field

If you engage users, entertain them, and make them think, you’ll be more likely to grow your brand and increase your company’s chances of success. (shameless plug: Follow TribeHR on Tumblr. Do it now. I’ll wait here until you to come back.)

Snapchat for HR

Snapchat is a relative newcomer in the social media game. But with over $20M in VC funding in the past three months, it’s growing fast. Snapchat has quickly gained a reputation as the go-to service for people who want to send photos that self-destruct after a set amount of time. And, they claim, they’re not always nudies. With a little bit of effort, savvy business owners and HR managers, especially in larger brands, can put this service to use to increase their following and customer/candidate brand recognition.

The trick is to engage users and get them interested in your message. One ice cream shop in New York asked users to snap photos of themselves enjoying an ice cream at their shop. For each user who sent in a photo, they immediately responded with a coupon for a random-percentage discount. Because the photo would disappear after ten seconds, customers had to physically go to the shop and wait until they were at the register before revealing their coupon.

For human resources professionals, this unusual tactic might actually work to get interested customers and recruits into your office by using a variety of incentives. If you sell a consumer product, offer a random-percentage discount on your product in exchange for a job application, or an employee referral. Even if you don’t sell a consumer product, you could partner with another brand to make this viable. Or simply send random users photos of your company brand in an unusual environment (I’m picturing a can of cola riding a bull). Baby steps build brands, after all.

Tumblr and Snapchat can become an integral part of your HR recruiting and marketing efforts with only a small investment of time. It’s easy, the potential rewards are great, and there aren’t any fees. Play the HR long-game, and start targeting the best and the brightest today, before they pigeon-hole themselves into another industry. HR brand is the gift that keeps on giving.

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