Could Livestream for Facebook become a valuable recruitment tool?


Livestream for Facebook We all know that video is a great tool that can be used in the recruitment process, whether it be in the selection process like Ovia or in candidate attraction via YouTube. But something I was looking at yesterday got me thinking about video in a different way as well.

I was looking at the Livestream Application for Facebook and was thinking about the potential it has for recruitment – both company and agency side.
Companies with a Facebook fan page can now create and embed their own Livestream channel to their page, and host live videos on Facebook for free. And all the previously recorded videos become part of your on-demand library.
What a great way of driving traffic to your Facebook Fan Pages by engaging with them in real time, at the same time offering them interactivity.This is an example of what it looks like on a Facebook page:

Livestream example
Just think about some of the ways you could use it:

  • Live presentations to the business internally
  • Live presentations to candidates  – think webinars with a twist!
  • Live events, like conference formats or workshops
  • You could try live training demonstrations
  • As a recruiter you could do live ‘help the candidate’ sessions on subjects like LinkedIn, CV’s etc
  • Live company announcement across different offices and even different countries

And all this is for FREE – see what I mean about a potentially useful tool? It now means that the only limit is your imagination.

And of course if you then factor in Facebook chat at the same time you then have  method to receive and respond to real-time questions during them as well (you could also use Twitter and a #hashtag of course).

This for me is an excellent way that companies can engage further with their audience and unlike a straight video recording you can make it interactive as well.

I have just downloaded the application myself for the Sirona Consulting Fan Page, so expect some live streaming from me in the near future – if you have any subject requests by the way, happy to try and oblige.
And if your company is using Livestream in a recruiting capacity, please let me know and I will happily share the examples here, to help others understand the power of this medium.

What do you think? What other ideas could companies use it for?



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