Corp IT: Duh! Finally?

Both the driver of today’s biggest innovations and our biggest enabler in creating innovations is the explosion of new technologies! The future of work is inextricably linked to this technological revolution.

More than 15 years ago, the Search for a Simpler Way ongoing study found that one of the biggest sources of workplace complexity, as well as many of its implementation and cultural problems, were due to shortcomings of Corporate IT: Their tools are too corporate-centered, not enough user-centered. (Users being the employees.)

Our follow-up in 2012 didn’t find much improvement. Our Work 2.0 Ten-Year Report was titled Is Business at War with Its Workforce?

Could it be that 2014 is the year that Corporate IT finally gets it?
Is the future of work going to kinda, maybe, sorta really begin to happen?

McKinsey&Co’s The Enterprise IT Agenda for 2014 called for lots of optimizing-this and resiliency-that… And, then, almost buried in the middle of the agenda comes something completely new…
• Advance end-user offerings to facilitate business productivity

Wow! That heading is followed by this admission…
“After all the attention paid to application hosting over the past several years, many infrastructure leaders have started to conclude that they need to increase the attention and focus they devote to innovating end-user capabilities.”
Duh. Really? Could 2014 finally be the year in which we start addressing the problem that’s destroying morale, productivity and business itself?

Let’s hope so! But more importantly…
What can you do to help create this change and ensure that it happens sooner rather than later?
1. Adopt a change-advocate’s attitude.
There is no reason you should accept tools and infrastructure that isn’t as good as anything you can download onto your own phone. Stick to be the belief that everything should be as you-centered as your phone or tablet… And if it’s not, stay dissatisfied! Then move onto 2, 3 and 4 below.
> >
2. Join forces with like-minded people. 
Educate yourself. Join hack-work communities. Like…
Work Hackers
• MIX: Management Innovation Exchange
• Social Business Software
• Change Agents Worldwide …to name a few
> > >
3. Hack workarounds. 
They can be big or small. Risky or risk-averse. Hi-tech or low-tech. Doesn’t matter. What does is that you stop struggling with corporate-centered rules and tools if they don’t help you do great work. As a how-to incentive, here’s Josh Klein’s and my book, Hacking Work, for FREE! Enjoy!
> > > >
4. Build your own app. 
If there isn’t a free or cheap open-source app for the hack/workaround you need, then build your own!
• AppMakr
• Infinite Monkeys
• iBuildApp

The punchline…
Don’t wait for Corp. IT!
If they’re just starting to be user-centered now, how long will it take them to actually do it? You deserve user-centered tools, now!

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