Complimentary Webinar: Recognition Training & Communications

Are you, your executives, and your management team clear on the principles of how Strategic Recognition can be used to change and proactively manage company culture but unsure how to best promote such a program to employees? Communicating to employees and managers the value of recognizing each others’ achievements and training them on how to do so appropriately is critically important to realizing your goals.

Addressing this topic in detail, Derek Irvine, Globoforce VP of Strategy and Consulting and author of the Recognize This! blog, will be leading a session in the Monday, August 22, 2011, virtual rewards and recognition conference. At 11:00 (Eastern time), Derek will share “The Art and Science of Recognition Training & Communications: The Push and Pull Effects”, explaining how employee recognition serves to pull employees into a company culture and its values and then share (or push) recognition to other people and areas of your organization.

Derek will include real-life examples of push-pull communications across the business world, to illustrate  how you can use the principles that have made particular songs, book, or movies household names and turn your recognition program into an unequivocal success. Leveraging these principles with the right training and communications, lets you create a viral engine of appreciation and positivity that extends far beyond the office walls. Whether you have an existing recognition program or are seeking a new one, this session will provide you with tangible strategies to make recognition the living embodiment of your culture.

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