Complaint or Opportunity? (Infographic)

I was working with Dr. Ken Blanchard during a collaboration with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale on The Power of Ethical Management, I learned a life lesson from Dr. Peale that I have never forgotten.

During this time, I was running the Blanchard Solutions Group, a performance improvement company that implemented Ken’s principles. I was complaining about one of our client implementations.

We happened to be in New Orleans that day. If you are familiar with the city, you know that all the graveyards are above ground.

While I was complaining on our way to the airport Dr. Peale said, “Stop your complaining. Do you know who are the only people who do not have problems?”

I looked at Dr. Peale and said, “No.”

Dr. Peale said, “those souls over there,” pointing to the grave yard.

He said, “Pete you should be grateful and thankful that you have problems to complain about. One, that means you are still living, and two, that means you can do something positive about it.”

In my opinion, I think this life lesson that I learned from Norman applies equally to the world of customer service, customer experiences and customer loyalty.

Most companies and frankly most individuals, shirk away from a complaint or an angry customer.

What are you thinking?

These complaints are opportunities to not only recover with your customer and improve the experience, but these complaints are actually like finding buried treasure.

If a customer cares enough to complain, they are basically giving you a road map on how you can improve the experience.

It’s like finding a treasure map!

I think complaints are such a gift that I proactively seek them out.

The next time you start whining or complaining, why don’t you stop, and start a treasure hunt?

Click the infographic below for a map to your treasure.


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