Compensation Cafe: Power of Positivity at Work

by Derek Irvine

Compensation Cafe logoRecognize This! — Research shows positive practices benefit your company, simply by caring for others.

What’s the real Power of Thanks? It’s the ability of a simple expression of “thanks,” sincerely and specifically given, to create deeper connections between people. It’s through these connections that we are more fulfilled, more engaged and, yes, more grateful ourselves.

This week on Compensation Cafe I shared research out of the University of Michigan on how “positive practices benefit the company.” The outcomes – increased creativity, ability to bounce back, and boosted retention – certainly drive bottom line results. But it’s the actual positive practices themselves that interest me.

These aren’t a surprise and aren’t hard – simply caring for, inspiring, and supporting others (to name a few).

Click over to the Compensation Cafe post for the full picture… and be inspired, too.

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