Compensation Cafe: Employee Volunteers or Robots & Lessons from Fast-Food

Recognize This! – Sometimes, the best lessons for business success come from unlikely sources.

Are Your Employees Volunteers or Robots? (23rd September 2013)

When I speak about the importance of recognition done right in driving key business goals, I often hear the objection: “I didn’t need any recognition to get the job done. My people get paid to do their jobs. That’s recognition enough!” The fallacy in this statement lies in the fact that employees are human and not machines. We get paid to do a job. We volunteer to do it exceptionally well.

Read this post for more on why appropriate and fair compensation is critical to establishing a contract with employees. But if you want to establish a relationship, then you need to invest beyond contractual elements of pay.

Surprising Compensation & Benefits Lessons from an Unlikely Source (2nd October 2013)

What kind of company offers 100% employer-paid health insurance to every employee who works at least 24 hours per week, plus tuition reimbursement, childcare assistance and paid time off for community service? A company in the high-tech sector or perhaps bio-pharmaceuticals? Would you be surprised if I said this was actually a fast-food company?

Read this post to see why Dick’s Drive-In goes far beyond the usual benefits (and compensation, too) for their entry-level employees – and the benefits they realize as a company because of it.

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