Companies Take Advantage of Smart Technology with eLearning

eLearning smart technology

Companies are wise to take advantage of smart technology.

For years, smart phones and mobile devices have been increasing in popularity, but according to Ambient Insight, the market is just warming up. In addition to being vital to daily communication, mobile devices are quickly becoming intricate parts of learning endeavors, too. Currently, “Mobile learning is a $5.3 billion dollar market and expected to be $12.2 billion by 2017.”

Businesses that prize consistent and thorough training leverage mobile learning to boost operations. It is reported that 93 percent of CEOs think the money they put towards training is a good investment; they plan to either maintain training efforts or increase training efforts soon. Similarly, 85 percent of businesses already utilize mobile learning and many other businesses claim they are preparing to use mobile devices in the near future.

The workplace is changing. Companies that want to stay ahead of the curve are already using mobile learning. As the trends show, it won’t be long before all companies need to incorporate these training channels. The future of training is here. What mobile learning software are businesses using to survive and thrive?

Say Goodbye to Outdated Learning Methods

Using the word “traditional” to describe schoolhouse-style education is an understatement. In the 1900s, with the onset of big business, corporations adopted education practices that put employees in single file rows facing a lectern and chalkboard. This was the way of education for well over one hundred years, but smart phone technology is changing everything.

Cloud-based learning management systems make it possible for employers to merge the world of organized learning with modern technology. This encourages employees to use independent and collaborative learning methods, which are proving to be highly effective approaches that are boasting business momentum.

Benefits of Using Mobile Learning

Realizing the benefits of using mobile learning, CEOs are turning to learning management systems (LMSs) to host training activities that can be accessed through smart phones and tablets, as well as computers. An eLearning information blog cites a survey where 88 percent of respondents “thought they needed or said they absolutely needed their LMS to have mobile learning capabilities for tablet devices.”

Currently, nearly half of all organizations report using mobile devices for workplace training. But a significant amount (84.2 percent) use eLearning tools. As mobile learning continues to prove its effectiveness, more businesses are expected to adopt mobile learning initiatives.

Thankfully, remotely hosted, cloud-based LMSs make it easy for learners to use their mobile devices to access company learning material. TOPYX® is an award-winning eLearning solution that companies use to host training activities. It is an easy way for companies to make training material available on mobile devices. See why CEOs are turning to TOPYX for their mobile learning initiatives: click here to request a free demo.

The more developed mobile technology becomes, the less likely companies are to return to outdated education techniques. Instead, they are adopting LMSs to provide widespread eLearning solutions that can evolve with technology. The future of training is here. Companies are embracing mobile learning as the way of workplace education.

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