Communication Cultivates or Kills Innovation

Survey your communication department to increase innovative IQ and ensure your workforce is promoting change – and traditional communication staff does not stifle innovative risks.

Communication Cultivates or Kills Innovation

Only as the communication department lets go of threats and increases leaders’ communication freedom, can your organization win in an innovation era.

A dinosaur communication department can kill innovation, like deadly molds destroy healthy lungs. Both tend to hide their toxins behind attractive walls, and neither allows for growth.

Test your communication department’s innovative capability to see if it poses dangerous threats or progresses innovators for leading a new era.

1. Does your communication department, foster diverse talents by partnering with an learning from talented workers? Yes___ No ___

If answer is no – Rather than limit staff and deliver company restrictions to silence  communications, instead question, and wonder with people.  Foster original talents that open new opportunities.

2. Does your communication department target improvements, by welcoming input from diverse offerings at work? Yes___ No ___

If answer is no – Instead of critiquing staff for their communication perceived errors, partner with them as equals to target improvements for innovation growth.

3. Do communication personnel expect and cultivate quality differences at work? Yes___ No ___

If answer is no – Rather than promote similarity or expect all workers to replicate your trade or traditions expect to be surprised by joy from diverse innovators.

4. Does your media department move diverse opportunities onto center stage by supporting different talents to grow and offer wealth to the organization? Yes___ No ___

If answer is no – Refuse to publicize only talents at the top – in favor of encouraging multiple intelligences throughout your entire organization.

5. Do communication staff turn tests into celebrations where people find encouragement for leading change? Yes___ No ___

If answer is no – Hold frequent innovation celebrations that cover novel and original ideas that take a twist from the norm and that risk brainpowered tools needed to lead a new era.

6. Does your communication department treat all people as capital at work? Yes___ No ___

If answer is no – Expect staff to teach you daily through their innovative communications, and refuse to let outdated media limitations stand in the way of advancement.

7. Does your communication department do what it takes to free up leaders as genuine facilitators of innovative ideas? Yes___ No ___

If answer is no – Listen more and partner more with diverse leaders, to avoid the temptation of controlling innovative messages by insisting that you “review” or censor all communications as assumed experts.

8. Does your communication department share knowledge and offer frequent media tips so that innovators progress as new era communicators? Yes___ No ___

If answer is no – Advertise more hot markets so that staff and leaders can create exchanges beyond your own expertise in their field.

9. Do communication experts promote social media in ways that increase caring and curiosity in your organization? Yes___ No ___

If answer is no – Rather than try to compete with social media’s frequent and relevant exchanges, embrace it’s opportunities and stay tuned to discover more innovative openings.

10. Does your communication department drive innovation daily, as a new engine moves a vehicle forward? Yes___ No ___

If answer is no – Shift traditional limitations into newly discovered innovation that is fueled by original talents, too often missed by dinosaur communication departments.

Check out Forbes dinosaur communications. Does your communication department run with original ideas and foster top talent, by encouraging communication risks from diverse angles? Or do communication staff pack the wrong horses where you work, and cut off innovative pathways to block renaissance winners from leading your forward?

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