Commit to Your Service Experience Like an Olympic Athlete



It takes commitment and continuous experience improvement to create differentiated experiences and loyal customers.

If you want to be better than anybody else it takes the commitment of an Olympic athlete and a passion to serve.








Regardless of your product, service or industry, I can pretty much tell you that your customers want fast, personalized, hassle free service experiences.










If you really want to learn how to create exceptional customer experiences, you first must start with great internal service experiences.

The best place to start is with your front line associates.

I would encourage you to ask them what gets in their way of creating great experiences for their customers. The key is, after you ask, you actually have to listen and then respond.








If you have the commitment of an Olympic athlete and do the same amount of follow up, reinforcement and coaching as an Olympic athlete goes through, then and only then will you create happy, loyal net promoter fans.

Have you hugged one of your customers today?

I’m not necessary talking about a physical hug. I’m talking about going out of your way to make one of your customer’s experiences more personalized, faster, or more seamless.


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