Coming To The Decision To Move Into A Nursing Home

nursing_homeDeciding whether or not to move into a nursing home can be a tough decision for individuals to make. If you are anything like me, you are very independent and like doing things on your own and being self reliant. Realizing that you are getting to a point in life where you can’t take care of yourself on your own anymore can be difficult to come to grips with. Moving into a nursing home is something that is widely debated. A lot of people feel that moving aging parents into their children’s home is far better and provides greater benefits. I disagree with this argument and fully support putting a parent into a nursing home. Not only does it not place a financial burden on the children, it also gives the parent more freedom and a chance to be with others in their same situation. Although this can be a difficult decision there are some things you can do to make the transition easier for everyone. First of all you as the child moving a parent into a nursing home can become familiar with the amenities and activities offered at the facility you are moving your parent into. Oftentimes facilities have a wide variety of activities that aim to make their residents happy and have a good quality of life. Some of these activities might include yoga classes, fitness centers to keep individuals active, art classes, bingo nights or movies. Game nights and picnics are also regularly schedule to have residents interact with one another. Second, give all family members adequate time to accept the news of the parent going into a nursing home. Everyone deals with things differently, and the thought of a parent going to a nursing home might come as a shock emotionally to some members of your family. If each family member has adequate time to process the news then when the time comes to make the move everyone can hopefully be positive and on the same page to make the transition easiest on the parent. Third of all, take time to tour the facility as a family. This is important so that everyone can see where the parents will be. By allowing everyone to see a nice and clean facility that is safe, parents can feel more comfortable and children can sleep better knowing their parent is safe and well taken care of. It can also bring a sense of excitement when people know where a loved one is going so there’s no uncertainty. Fourth, you will want to take the time to downsize belongings. Often the living accommodations at nursing homes are small, so you will have to get rid of a lot of your loved ones’ belongings. Only keep the absolute necessities. If it is hard for a loved one to part with a particular object perhaps have a child hold onto it. Lastly, making the decision easier can be knowing that your loved ones will visit you often. Chances are the elderly individual might feel lonely or out of place the first little while in their new home being the nursing home. If children or grandkids frequently visit it can make the transition easier. Nursing homes in Columbus are great options!

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