Coming Soon: Gamification and Employee Engagement


The reward is more. The reward for playing well in pinball was to play more. Is the reward for work to work more? Possibly, when you find the game or work so intrinsically rewarding.

Gamification and work. I am currently working on a post on gamification and employee engagement. I trust it will be posted before the end of August. Here are a few question for you to think about before the post is released:

    • How aware are you of the growing interest and application of gaming to work (gamification)?
    • What is your experience with games? Do you love them, hate them, indifferent?
    • Do you or did you have a favorite game and what engaged you so fully in that game?
    • Do you consciously make a game of work to enhance your engagement?

Pinball – Apollo. My favorite game growing up was pinball. My favorite pinball machine was Apollo. I used to play it for hundreds of hours at a store on Portage Avenue and Aldine Street in Winnipeg. Here is a video overview of this blast from the past:

If the video failed to open in this window, click here.

Watch for the blog post on Employee Engagement: What’s Up With Gamification coming soon.

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