Come on B2Cs, it’s time to add social geo data to your CRM system

Social geo data is cluttering the air waves.  People are constantly publishing their current location using services like foursquare, Gowalla, and Twitter.  Are you leveraging this information to improve your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts?  Eh?  Yes, I am talking to you, don’t look behind you.  I saw you check-in at Starbucks and, while you’re drinking that extra large cup of coffee, staring at your iPhone, let’s chat.

My friends at Sysomos sent me a link to their simple Fourwhere application.  At the same time, my friends at Lithium shared with me a widget they are baking into their  software.  In both cases the solutions are extremely basic, for now.  In both cases the companies look poised to iterate quickly to begin turning these solutions into powerful solutions that will provide data to feed your CRM, to improve your business, and to provide real value for your customers. 

Here is a short list of items I want to see from both companies as well as thoughts on how I would like to see B2C and B2B companies leverage the information:

  • The Fourwhere application is great in the fact that it highlights known venues on an easy to use Google map (Lithium is providing a similar solution).  You can view comments, see the number of check-ins.   Please also:
    • Let people check-in via this interface. 
    • Capture e-mail address and make this data available through an API to push back to customer CRM system.
  • For Businesses
    • Enable them to push out live updates on daily specials, coupons.
    • Since data is in the CRM system (or better yet, in Sysomos or Lithium) use this data, this past purchase and travel history, to make recommendations.
  • Highlight friends in the area or, taking an example from and highlight where your less popular acquaintances are hanging out.
  • For B2B companies use a mashup like this to highlight your customers and their buying history.
    • When your sales people are in the area make it easy to see the information they need, via a handy map interface.  Not only can you optimize their time but you can maximize your sales potential.  That’s what we’re all trying to do, isn’t it?
    • Let’s take it a step further and highlight potential customers as well.  I want sales people making sales, make it easy to find those potential customers.

Are you leveraging geo-social data yet?  Is your competition?


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