Coach Jimmy Nelson and Angela Brooks Exhausted and over worked to thriving Entrepreneur

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Listen in as these two friends and business owners chat about how they have overcome the lumps and bumps in business.

It is easier to tell someone how to take care of themselves than it is to actually do it yourself. As a nurse of 25+ years I know. I went from being a body builder to a mom working the 3-13 hours night shifts a week on 3-4 hours of sleep. The gym was not at the top of my list in case it had a place to take a nap. 

Before long the gym was not a place I hung out any more – Watching my son play baseball, fast foods, running on no sleep – at a high stress job.

If that sounds like a nightmare it was. It took a toll on  body and all I wanted to do was sleep more than 4 hours at a time.

The exhaustion – food combination showed up in an extra 40lbs.

When I started looking at my own health and I joined the Young Living company. I begin changing how I eat – sleeping at least 6 hours instead of four – and making sure I did some kind of activity that increased movement. I am far off from the level of exercise that Coach Jimmy does. However he took who he was – where he was and made a change that lead him to a new life style – a thriving business and he has traveled to places that he would not have gone otherwise.

From 100lbs over weight to 11 star Business man. Here is Jimmy’s story


Coach Jimmy, aka Jimmy Hays Nelson, was overweight from early childhood through his college years. Playing the ‘funny fat guy role’ Jimmy always surrounded himself with people in an attempt to compensate for the isolation he felt inside do to his weight. Many attempts were made during high school to drop the weight. Most started out promising, only to hit a snag or a relapse and result in more weight being put on than seeing any drop off.

After quitting college (for the 2nd time), he had given up on his dream of becoming a professional actor and found himself in his mid 20’s living in his parents house working at a local bar with very little ambition or direction. Little did he know working at that bar would ultimately change his life.

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Angela doesn’t claim to be an expert; however, she runs her business exceedingly well. She is currently in transition from nursing full-time to working full-time from home using social media, her blog, and her smart phone. Learn how you too can transition from a stressful job to running a successful home-based business!


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