Close, but no cigar this time for me!

Close but no cigar

This year the UK Recruitment Blog of 2009 competition was the biggest (applicants and voters),and at the same time the closest in terms of the final results.
The incumbent, Peter Gold – with his Hire Strategies Blog, again retained his crown…….but only just! Thanks to all your support I came a very closes runner-up and nearly took his beloved title from his grasp. So as the headline goes – close but no cigar!

A big thanks to all of you that voted for me, it is very much appreciated. I am very pleased to have secured the runner-up position, and will be obviously looking to reverse that next  year!

But hats off to the winner, Peter. He was a pioneer recruitment blogger (he started in 2006) who was instrumental in getting me ‘hooked’ on this blogging thing back in the start of 2007 (and 550+ posts later, I think I am getting the hang of it!). He does write a damned good blog, and even though his sense of humour is more akin to Klingon, rather than human, he does share his great knowledge freely in his blog.

His acceptance speech is an interesting one, and I have to say I do agree with some of his sentiments. I hope 2009 has been the start of a new corner in UK recruitment blogging. In my blog I have highlighted a number of new blogs to have appeared this year, and I hope they go on to provide us with the great content they have already started with. I will of course carry this newbie promotion on, as it is vital to get their voice heard out there.So, let me know of any new blogs, and I will happily review them.

One thing that is intriguing in Peter’s post though. He mentions big changes for 2010 –

I am just wondering if that has anything to do with the hormone tablets, size 11 stilettos and wig subscription he has just taken out?
Anyway, not for me to judge……I am sure his blog will still be a good one in 2010:-)

Joking apart, well done Peter, but watch out – next year myself and the rest of the UK blogging community (old and new) will be trying to make sure we can knock you off your perch!

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