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Over the last several weeks, I have had the opportunity to speak to a number of students – in classes, in organizations, and in clubs – about job hunting.   But there is so much more.

Newsflash. Nothing, nothing on the Internet is “private.” Get over that notion.  

One – you need to know what there is out there on you.  That means running Google alerts, ego surfing, and watching Twitter. Watch the #fml in your twitter stream.  It might be funny to rant about work, college, and classes but it makes me wonder what you might complain about if I hire you. 

Two – make sure you monitor your privacy settings all the time.  Check them at least once a month.  I have a calendar reminder to check all my social networks.  Know who can tag you in what and where.   Please do this.  No pictures in compromising positions.  Or illegal drugs.  Or inappropriate stuff. 

Three – employers are going to look you up.  Even if they shouldn’t, they will.  So give your potential employers places to go.  Give them a good LinkedIn profile to review. Put it on your resume.  Fill in content on Google +.  If you are a writer, post your work on a blog.  If you have a hobby, share it.  Pictures?  Post them. 

Here it is.  A start. There is so much more but this should get you out of the gate. Good luck.

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