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Last week, I spent another day talking to a business writing class.  The students were terrific and had some great questions.   They also had an assignment on PowerPoint.  I told them to check out this – best presentation anywhere, ever. 

Per my usual, I talked about managing your online reputation, what it takes for your materials to look good, and how you can have more than one page on your resume.  Interviews are always a fun topic of conversation.  How to prepare.  How to answer questions.  Strengths versus weaknesses.  What interviewers are looking for.   Yes, I love cover letters.  Yes, I read them.  Every word. 

For interesting to me was the assignment discussed before I began my time – resumes and cover letters.  You know students  – some taking copious notes, others disinterested posting on fb/twitter or texting with friends, and even others lost in thought.  I wanted to say then, and will say now, it may have been an assignment for them but I – me- talking about HR is real life.  

If your materials come to your English professor with errors, she is going to mark them up and give you a grade.

If your materials come to me with errors, I am not going to mark them up and give you a grade.  I am going to select not hired

Take this seriously folks.  99% isn’t good enough.  It’s gotta be perfect. 

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