Citius Altius Fortius: Do You Work in Latin?

Are you hitting the gate?

hit the gate ski

Work has a different pace

than a 2 minute downhill Olympic ski race.

Relax into your daily performance

and you will sustain work for an entire career

while constant and never ending improvement

has you chasing pots of gold

at the end of rainbows.

If you give 110% you are giving more than you’ve got.

If you go the extra mile you will pass your destination.

And even if you go the extra yard will may end up out of bounds.

Burning the midnight oil is too much focus on toil

without a restful lack of focus, called sleep.

Good is good enough

without having to go to great

and you don’t have to burn out to avoid fading away.

Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are

for exquisite employee engagement

preventing you from missing

your four year old daughter’s surprise birthday party.

Rat races are only for rats

and work does not have to be a myopic focus on going downhill fast.

Perhaps stronger is lower and slower not

Citius Altius Fortius

Photo Credit: Creative commons ski photo from Flickr.

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