Circle the Wagons, the Indians are Coming !!!!

President Obama at a press conference in Hawaii referring to a
question about the scandal at Penn State made the observation that
protecting the innocent was more important than shielding institutions
or organizations. I took in the premise and then looked at the daily RSS
feed I receive from the EEOC and began to question the strategic moves
many corporations are making in the marketplace.

I totally
understand that as an organization you have a brand that you need to
protect but when your managers are making stupid mistakes and are
circling the wagons instead of taking the right path to resolve issues
in the marketplace, you begin to wonder why organizations can complain
about the lack of engagement and then provide the proof in their

Since August 26, 2011 the EEOC RRS feed is reporting
nearly 200 settled complaints or new actions regarding situations where
an employee has a legal right to complain about working conditions and
the organizational response is how difficult can we make their lives to
the point of having them leave the company. Maintain the brand at all
costs and the heck with supporting the individual who is being harassed
or discriminated against.

Consider the case of  an acute care
facility in California who will pay $530,000 to settle a lawsuit
alleging the sexual harassment of its staff.  According to the federal
agency, several of the female targets of the harassment were either
retaliated against or compelled to quit after their complaints were
ignored by hospital management.Is the brand that important that you
tolerate a workplace where you demean the employee base.  That is an
attitude from an era way gone from reasonable in today’s workplace.

at your list of the best places to work or the companies founded on the
principles of the Toyota Production System and they recognize the worth
of employees to the organization. Look at the organizations being hit
by the EEOC and you see organizations with the attitudes that we are
doing the employee a favor by allowing them to work here and they need
to take what ever conditions we want to expose them to.

In the
21st Century this is not how we encourage engagement. This is not how we
encourage employee loyalty. This how we tell our employees that they
are chattel, not valuable parts of our organization. So if you must
circle the wagons, do so around the worth of all parties. Protect the
organizational brand by telling the world that you value the employee
and their contributions to the brand.


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